Road to the Rally #3

Hey All,

Well we finally got here, had some exciting things happen along the way.  First off, within 5 miles after leaving, we ended up blowing the EGT sensor out of the manifold and had to go back to the house and fix it before we left, AGAIN.

Then in nowheresville Idaho, the fuel gauge must have stuck because of the heat and when I hit a huge bump on the highway it corrected, only to set off the low fuel light about 2 minutes before running out of fuel.  But even though we were in the middle of nowhere, we were actually only 2 miles from the next exit, so we were able to limp it to the truck stop and get some more diesel.  whew that was close. 

As I mentioned it was hot, not just hot but africa hot, Tarzan couldn't handle that heat.  During the day crossing the high plaines of Idaho and Eastern Oregon, it reached 102 deg. and windy.  When you got out of the truck it was like stepping into an oven, it was crazy how hot it was, OH, but it was a dry heat.  Dry heat my arse, hot's hot, dry or not.  

Anyway, we finally made it last night and got everything set up today with ease.  Having Matt and his son Nick along really helped out, not only with unloading but sure made the 3000+ mile drive much more bearable.  

Once we had everything set up, it gave me a chance to walk around the Rally grounds and do some networking.  I've several people ask about the new BMW Exhausts and everyone loved how durable they seemed.  Informed them that in the coming weeks we would be doing some intense testing to prove how durable these babies really are.  More to come on that....

Tomorrow will be the first official day of the Rally, the doors open at 9am and hope to have some great success.

Thanks again and enjoy the ride!


Perry Prichard

Sales & Marketing Manager