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At Barkers, UTVs are four-wheels-to-freedom. It's our way to trek across barren desserts, up steep mountains, and across rough terrain. It's how we can experience the world in a way most people never will. When we set out to design the exhaust systems for each of the side-by-sides we provide systems for, this belief was not forgotten. Because we are committed to only producing systems that perform with a difference you can feel, we only manufacture exhaust systems for select side-by-sides. 

The power behind a Barkers Exhaust System is in the design. We use a reverse-cone megaphone construction with built-in pulse-wave tuning technology. Most other exhaust systems that are available today are straight pipes into a muffler and can be manufactured robotically. Barkers Exhaust Systems are very skillfully hand welded one-by-one right here in the USA. If you need an exhaust system that delivers better throttle response, more torque, and higher horsepower gains throughout the entire power curve, look no further than a Barkers Exhaust System.