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There is a distinct feeling that comes along with riding a motorcycle. For some it's the freedom one experiences with nothing but two-wheels and the open road. For others it's the speed and power that provides an adrenaline rush unmatched by any other. Regardless, motorcycles seem to have a remarkable ability to take us where we've never been before.

When we set out to develop the exhaust systems for the motorcycles we provide systems for, these thoughts were not forgotten. Each exhaust system will deliver a difference you can feel! With quality, durability, and performance never sacrificed, we strive to produce only the best we have to offer. While most other after-market exhaust systems can be mass produced on automated assembly lines, Barkers Performance exhaust systems are hand-welded one-by-one by skilled craftsmen. Perhaps we take our jobs a little too seriously... Nah, we just really care about producing the best exhaust systems possible!