At Barkers we understand that there's nothing quite like taking a sled out on fresh powder. Miles beyond crowded tracks and people is where we feel at home! Snowmobiles can take you places most people will never go. So when we set out to create an exhaust system for the snowmobile, we knew it had to live up to this excitement. What we came up with is a Single Slip On Exhaust System that delivers a difference you can feel. We have also designed a one-of-a-kind Full 3 Into 1 Exhaust System for the Yamaha Viper and Arctic Cat ZR 7000. This revolutionary full exhaust system provides an unmatched increase in horsepower and torque and will certainly take your machine to a whole new level of performance on the snow!


The Barkers Slip on Exhaust System is a reverse megaphone assembly with built-in pulse wave tuning technology. The Barkers Full 3 Into 1 System for the Viper and ZR 7000 increases the length of the head pipes, affording more distance between the cylinder and our specially designed collector. This revolutionary design provides for even smoother flow and mind-blowing power! While most other after-market exhausts can be manufactured robotically, Barkers Exhaust Systems must be skillfully welded by hand. If you are searching for increased performance over the entire power-curve and an exhaust system that is manufactured right here in the USA, you've come to the right place.