Barker's FAQ

Can I install a Barker’s System on my own?

Yes people do install our systems on their own quite often but we do recommend having a professional install and tune your machine to the new exhaust system.

Why do I need to buy the Fuel Controller or change jetting with my Barker's custom system?

With a Barker’s system we typically drastically change the flow and pressure that was there with your stock system. This can affect your Fuel Air ratio quite a bit and usually requires re-jetting or re-mapping your Fuel injection system. Very similar to a “Chip” you’d get for your car or truck.

Do you offer custom colors other than what’s offered?

Yes, if you want to email us with a special request we will do our best to get you the color you prefer. There will be an additional setup charge, and the lead time could be as long as 10 business days.

What do you mean by “Drag" system?

These systems were designed specifically for the 300 foot drag racing guys. No Exhaust Canisters just straight headers to our megaphone usually out the sides. You won’t mistake these babies when they take off!

Why don’t you offer more machines? Where’s my machine?

Here at Barker’s we are not your typical “exhaust for every machine out there” type of company. We methodically design and build each system one by one. testing the crap out of them until we are 100% satisfied! We usually only target high performance type machines and if we aren’t able to make a performance increase we will scrap the whole thing. We won’t sacrifice!

Can I get the tips in a different color than the can?

Yes, you can get the tips in a different powder coat color, or no powder coat at all. You will need to mention this in the notes section at checkout. 

How often should I repack my muffler?

At least once per year.  

Why did my dyno show different results that yours?

Dynos can feature different results based on many different factors with your specific machine. Depending on whether or not you are using a properly mapped fuel controller, or you have made any modifications to your machine outside of utilizing a Barker's exhaust can all influence your dyno results. When we dyno a machine, the only changes made from the stock is the exhaust system and the use of a fuel controller. 


We do offer some special components that are not on our site, as the need grows for those components they will eventually be added. If you're looking for something you cannot find, send us an email and we will be happy to help. 


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