About Us

Barker's had humble beginnings when we began building custom exhaust systems. The company was founded by Tim Barker in the early 2000's after over 20 years of riding experience. In an effort to increase production opportunities and meet demand, Tim partnered with Huron Tool, an established manufacturing facility with a record of excellence in manufacturing. In January of 2012, Huron Tool purchased all of the rights to Barker's Performance and has continued to grow and build on Tim's success.  

Barker's Mission is founded on three core principles:  Quality, Durability, and Performance. 

Barker's Quality:

At Barker's, we believe in building only the highest quality exhaust systems using only the highest quality components. We custom machine the individual components, hand weld our pipes together, and maintain the highest of standards when it comes to putting together the final product. 

Barker's Durability:

Alongside quality is the durability of our product. A Barker's Exhaust is built to last ride after ride, be it on a trail or the track, our durable systems will be with you through it all. 

Barker's Performance:

This is the foundation of every product we make. If the performance gain is not there, we do not release the product, plain and simple. Every design carrying the Barker's name is rigorously tested and if we are not completely satisfied with the results we go back to the drawing board. If we cannot make a serious impact, the product is not manufactured. 

It is these three components that contribute to the meaning of our brand:  Never Sacrifice