At Barker's, our fans are a large part of what drives us to continually put out only the best in aftermarket exhaust systems and upgrades to your favorite recreational machines. The Barker's family of riders hasn't been shy about their love of our products, and we greatly appreciate their ongoing support. Do you have a testimonial about your Barker's exhaust system? Send it to us, we love to hear from you!


From our friend Alex Galeczka (Sr. Technician) at LaBaron's Powersports:

"We at LaBaron's Powersports have a reputation for building extremely reliable, high-performance engines for the power sports industry. That is in part due to our affiliation with Barker's Exhaust. Their commitment to product excellence in every aspect of exhaust development is un-rivaled in the industry. In every application we have tested, Barkers exhaust systems clearly stand out as the undefeated champion in regards to power output, as well as overall product quality. It is for this reason, that I use Barker's products in all my builds. Why would anyone settle for less?"


From our friend Matt McCormick at ATV Parts Central:

"Barker's are hands down the highest quality made exhaust systems out there. Fit and finish are second to none and the power gains are the best in the industry. As a dealer, I see lots of exhaust systems but nothing compares to the Barker's sound, quality and makeup. Thank you Barker's Exhaust for making the highest quality exhaust systems out there."


From our racers:

"Barker's Exhaust. Oh my gosh! That is the nastiest system ever. Mike, PLEASE do not sell anymore. I think we need to keep this to ourselves! (lol) That system produces so much torque, it actually created a handling issue. Upon exit of the corners, Zack rolls on the throttle and the torque lifts the front end so much he pushes out. A snap of the throttle lets him blow by the rider who just tried the inside line on him. Starts produced wheelies. We now actually need to raise the gear ratio to take some of the bottom end out. Zack says the bike actually has TOO much horsepower. A dyno was set up at the track and we wanted to go down and get a reading but just didn't get to it due to other things. Horsepower is no longer an issue."

       -Zack Harris


"Thanks for building such a tough product. We have had 2 other brand exhausts fail during this long race in the past. Our Barker's system has over 1000 race miles on it now with zero problems."

       -Trent Kendall


"I concur with Trent. We thank you for your sponsorship and the quality built system. I have friends that have gone through 2 new systems that they purchased after we got our barkers. The others just fall apart."

       -Darrin Mattice


"The exhaust is working well for us. We have been running since 2013 and have won a Baja 1000, a Vegas to Reno, and acouple of other podiums for the Baja 500 and the San Felipe 250. We can simply say that we love them! They are bullet proof and haven't had to replace them since I bought them. We run them on all our 4 desert racing trx450r's and wouldn't want to run any other exhausts."

-Juan Pirruñas Dominguez


From our customers:

"I installed the dual exhaust on my 700 Raptor (after having a competitor's system) and it was a complete night and day difference. Hooked up my wife with one for her 250 Raptor and she was all smiles!!!"

-Craig MacPhee