Road to the Rally

Does anyone else think that it's rained enough???

We are working some serious hours preparing for Sunday when we leave for the BMW Rally.  Mike and the production team has been burning the midnight oil assembling systems for us to haul out to Oregon.  My team here in Knoxville have been fighting the weather trying to get everything packed up, truck serviced, trailer organized and serviced.  But it's not been going well, the rain really fricking sucks, as soon as we get a break, we get everything unloaded to organize and then it fricking rains again.  WTF, I'm starting to think I need to start building an ark or mount pontoons to my house.  

Sorry, didn't mean to pitch a fit about the weather.  Back to the important stuff.

We are only a couple days away and for the most part ready to go.  The BMW display bikes are all cleaned up and all the additional items are at least in place to put into the trailer once we get the last of the exhaust systems from the main office in Bad Axe.  I think Mike's sending 10 more of the BMW F650GS, BMW F800GS and new BMW F700GS.  

I think we're going to wait until they arrive to put everything else in the trailer.  

Thanks again for your interest and look forward to writing the next story.