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New Full Exhaust System for 2016+ KTM SX-F Motorcycle

After two years of research and testing, we completed the development of our full single exhaust system for the 2016+ KTM SX-F. We worked with two independent dyno experts, including AMA Grand National Champion Bryan Bigelow, to develop a pipe that would produce power for MX, flat track, and ice racing riders. We are pleased to announce a system for the KTM that delivers power gains over the entire power curve.


Bryan Bigelow is well known in the flat track racing industry and encouraged us to develop a pipe for the new KTM motor. Working with Bryan’s invaluable feedback Barker’s focused on creating a pipe that kept the header super tight away from the front tires, allowing for riders with oversized tires and ice picks to install and run the pipe with no problems. Additionally, our pipe design eliminates the need to drop the rear shock to install the header.

With their background mostly in MX applications, Barker’s also completed testing with dyno professional Alex Galeczka at LaBaron’s Powersports. Alex did his testing on a stock KTM vs a fully tuned Pro-Circuit Pipe vs a fully tuned Barker’s Performance pipe. The dyno results can be found here on our website showing the Barker’s pipe picking up a full 5 horsepower, producing more power than both the stock and tuned Pro-Circuit exhaust.

In addition to the exhaust system, Barker’s is also offering a pre-mapped Power Commander V. For riders who prefer to do their own tuning or run autotune products, an O2 bung can also be installed at the time of purchase.

The Barker’s Performance KTM 450 SX-F Full Single Exhaust System for 2016+ models include a full exhaust system, a billet clamp to secure the exhaust to the bike’s frame, optional O2 bung, and the choice of brushed aluminum or black powder coated muffler. Customers also choose a black, blue, red, or yellow Barker’s badge for the muffler. As with all our exhaust systems, the new KTM 450 SX-F full exhaust system is hand tig welded in Michigan.


Pricing & Availability

The brand new Barker’s Performance exhaust for the KTM 450 SX-F is available for immediate shipping from our website starting at $610. Alternatively, your local Barker’s Performance authorized dealer can order the pipe for you and assist in proper installation and tuning.


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