Kendall/Ramos Success

Hello Everyone, 

Since I’ve not had the opportunity to post something since my trip to the BMW Rally in Oregon.  It was important and definitely news worthy, that I bring up some great success that was recently brought to my attention.  One of our sponsored teams, Kendall Racing had some fun this past weekend and pulled off a second place in one of the toughest races in the series.  

Barker’s Performance would like to congratulate Kendall Racing for their recent success at the Nationally Acclaimed Pro B.I.T.D. Race (Best In The Desert – Reno to Vegas).  

It wasn’t without issues, but due to the strength, commitment and determination of the riders and it’s team members, Kendall Racing was able to pull off a very impressive second place.  

For more information about the drama riddled race, click on the link below. 

Great Job guys, we look forward to following through the season and hearing more about the performance of your machine with help from BARKER’s PERFORMANCE!!!