Barker's Sponsored Rider, Juan Domingeuz Ready To Win SCORE International San Felipe 250

Imagine navigating through more than 250 miles of tough terrain that's mangled with rocks and sand, and temperatures exceeding 100°F.

2017 San Felipe Course Map

Now, imagine conquering all of this in less than 12 hours on the top of a quad. The Score International San Felipe 250 may be the shortest of SCORE's race series, with the Baja 1000 boasting 850 miles of similar off-road conditions, but it is certainly a challenge for many a man and his machine. Attempting to race any machine over 250 miles in under 12 hours with some of the craziest rocky, sandy whoops, and extreme conditions around is no joke. We don't know about you, but it seems like you would have to be one dedicated and skilled individual to take on such a race.

Barker's Performance is proud to have a man such as this on our Sponsored Riders roster. For Juan Dominguez, this will be his 8th time racing the San Felipe 250. We reached out to him to learn more about this year's race and a little more about him and his team. Here's what we learned.

The team and I are getting ready for our 8th San Felipe 250 in a row. The San Felipe 250 is the shortest race of the SCORE International series however, it is the roughest due to its never-ending rocky/sandy whoops. I was down there pre-running this past weekend and the course is already chewed up and temperatures were over 100 degrees! The course will only get rougher in these two weeks leading up to the race.

Juan Pirrunas Dominguez - Pre-run for the 2017 San Felipe 250

We will be competing in the competitive sportsman quad class since I had to put a last minute team together. I will be teaming up with a couple guys from our Baja 1000 rival team, Oskar Espinoza and Osman Arce from Ensenada, Baja California. The San Felipe 250 will be starting Saturday, April 1st at sunrise and will have 12 hours to navigate through the rough, 272-mile race course SCORE has put together.

The San Felipe 250 is not new for Pirruñas Racing since it will be our 8th time running it. We have been lucky enough to podium this race about 4 times with one of them being a 1st place finish. We are going to rely on our Barker’s Exhaust to power us through the deep sandy whoops and the never sandy washes San Felipe has to offer. We will be racing a Liberty Motorsports/ Baja ATV Rider’s Only prepped Honda TRX450r.

The team is hungry to win this year’s San Felipe 250. We have been getting ourselves ready mentally and physically the past couple of months and are going for the top spot. We are confident heading into this race since we have a strong group of riders, reliable support crew, and the best sponsors in off-road racing to get us to the finish line on top. But this is Baja, anything can happen at any given time. We are preparing for the worst and expecting the unexpected!

Thanks for all the support Barker's Exhaust!

Juan Pirrunas Dominguez - Pre-Run 2017 San Felipe 250 - Barker's Exhaust

So there you have it! Stay tuned for more updates on the 2017 San Felipe 250 and the Pirruñas Racing Team! We will add photos and commentary to our blog and social media as it comes across the wire. 

We love desert racing! 

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