New Sponsored Rider: Brycen Neal

Barker's Performance has had the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented individuals over the years, and this year will be no different as we announce our new partnership with sponsored rider and GNCC competitor, Brycen Neal.

When we say it's been a pleasure, it almost feels like an understatement. It has really been and honor and a privilege to have worked with so many dedicated, hard-working, and truly talented riders over the years. We have not only watched these young riders improve their skills on and off the track, but also become true professionals in racing and in life. Each one of our sponsored riders have positively impacted our team and company for the better.

It has been incredible working with sponsored riders from all walks of life and from all across North America! We've been able to support riders who have raced in many different types of competitions. From extreme dessert racing competitions like the SCORE International racing series to the extremely exciting ATV MX National Championship, we have had the opportunity to support dedicated individuals and race teams as they planned, prepared, practiced, and fought to get to the finish line for each race.

This year we will be shifting from desert and closed course race competitions, to support an accomplished racer as he takes on the GNCC (Grand National Cross Country), an AMA national sanctioned series which consists of 13 off-road rounds at various sites ranging from Florida to New York.  

Brycen is 26 and hails from Bidwell, Ohio. He's been riding for most of his life, and has been an active competitor in the GNCC since he was 9 years old. Over the years he has won the major steps leading to the XC1 Pro class and has finished runner up in the XC1 Class for multiple seasons, chasing the prestigious championship title. Brycen's main race machine is a Yamaha YFZ450R fitted with a Barker's Exhaust System.

We reached out to Brycen to ask him a few questions about himself and this upcoming season. 

What do you enjoy most about racing?

"The thing I enjoy most about racing is the zone-out-feeling you get on the bike, where you hit all your marks and do whatever you want on the machine freely and effortlessly, at the highest level. It’s such a special place to reach and the feeling is unlike anything else!"

What do you think will be the greatest challenge this season?

"The greatest challenge this season is the same one we face every year, making sure the machine finishes all 13 races. You get no drops, every race counts for points and to be a championship contender at the end you must finish every race."

What are you most looking forward to for this racing season? Do you have any goals?

"Win. I have no other goals at this point in my career other then go and do my job! I’ve been able to finish and accomplish every other step up to this point. All that’s left is to try our best to go win this thing!"

What do you think about racing as a sponsored rider with Barker’s Exhaust, and do you have any thoughts on your exhaust setup?

"Confidence sums it up. I’ve put many many hard hours on my Barker's Exhaust and it’s taken every bit of the abuse I’ve put it through. Not only does it have longevity, but it also increases the total Horsepower and Torque on my machines as well and it's super easy to put on and install. The Barkers Exhaust company has been nothing short of great to work with and it has a friendly family feeling every time I talk to the crew. I’m very happy to have their trust and support headed into 2022, they’ve made my program stronger and we’re looking to have a great year! 

Look for #241, Brycen Neal on the leader boards this year at the 2022 GNCC! We know it's going to be an outstanding competition and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for our new partnership.