Which Yamaha YFZ450 Barker's Exhaust System is right for your machine?

The Barker's YFZ systems come in many shapes and sizes to work with the many variations Yamaha has developed over the years. There's the YFZ450 Single Exhaust System designed for 2004-2009 and 2012+ Carbureted models. There's also the YFZ450R Single Exhaust System designed for 2009+ EFI models. Also, if you're not quite ready for a full system, we offer a Slip On YFZ450 Exhaust that fits all year models, carb'd or EFI. Finally, if you have a modified system designed specifically for drag racing, we've got a YFZ450 Drag System

With all the variations and changes over the years to the YFZ 450 machines it can be confusing choosing the proper system for your machine. A lot of people were thrown for a loop when Yamaha went back to a carbureted system in 2012 and you'll find there isn't much information out there from exhaust companies. Luckily, Barker's customer Nate owns a 2012 Yamaha YFZ 450 carbureted model, and through working with him we've verified that our single exhaust for carbureted systems works with these newer carb'd models! Nate informed us that after installing the Barker's exhaust his 2012 Carb'd Yamaha YFZ 450 came to life. If you have this rare carb'd machine and want customize it, our exhaust system is the perfect upgrade. 

Barker's Yamaha YFZ 2012 Carbureted Exhaust System

Customers love these systems. Tim from Pennsylvania rides a 2014 YFZ 450R outfitted with our single exhaust. Tim says, "I just wanted to say that I am really happy with the power gains I received throughout the powerband. Also I really like the craftsmanship you guys put into your pipes." Tim sent us the photo below of his machine with his new Barker's Exhaust. 

Barker's Yamaha YFZ450R Exhaust System

Local customer Doug Booms also sent some photos of his Yamaha YFZ 450 outfitted with the Barker's Exhaust:

Barker's Yamaha YFZ 450 Exhaust System