Out with the cover, in with the ATV – getting your ATV ready for spring

Spring and Winter are the two times a year when your ATV's should always be thoroughly checked out and serviced while in storage (for the winter) or prepping for use (in the spring). Before you bust it out of storage to hit the trails, follow these important steps after your winterization to ensure your machine is in top shape.

  1. Inflate tires to the correct PSI. It's been sitting for awhile so make sure to fill 'em up.

  2. Return battery to housing and make sure it's in working condition.

  3. Take it for a test drive to look for any obvious signs of wear or items in need of replacing.

  4. How are your brakes? If they're worn, replace them now.

  5. Change your oil and oil filter if you didn't in the winter. You should never store your ATV with oil as it can cause internal corrosion.

  6. Is it time for maintenance on your front and rear differentials and gear box? If so, take it to your local dealer, or perform the maintenance yourself.

  7. Are all your belts, cables and spark plugs in working order? Change them out if they need replacing. Replace spark plugs if you stored it longer than 120 days.

  8. Check out your suspension. Look for any loose or worn parts - grease if necessary.

  9. And finally, wash it.

Following all of these steps with ensure you're ready to hit the trails!