Yamaha YFZ 450R Full Single Exhaust System for EFI Models

Barker's Exhaust

$ 589.00

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  • Fits EFI models 2009+
  • 10-25% Horsepower gain
  • Substantial weight loss over stock system
  • 103 dB without the quiet core
  • Harder pull out of turns
  • Greater pull up the face of jumps
  • Available in brushed aluminum, black powder coat, or blue powder coat finish
  • Billet clamps offered in black, blue, or red
  • See install video and review from Dirt Trax below!
  • Optional Add Ons:  Quiet Core; Spark Arrestor; Ceramic Coating; EHS Racing EFI Fuel Controller


Do you have a 2012 or newer YFZ 450? These models are available in carbureted or EFI; please assess which system your machine has and order the specific product based on your system requirements. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. 




The Yamaha YFZ 450 has certainly made it’s mark in Sport ATV history. With many championship wins on it’s resume, it’s easy to see why so many serious riders choose to ride the Yamaha YFZ 450. Released in 2009 as a fuel injected model, the YFZ 450R did not fall short of it’s predecessors. Built ready to race, the EFI model YFZ 450R provides a more comfortable ride, better handling and control, as well as quicker throttle response over the carb models. 


Bring your Yamaha YFZ 450R to life by installing a Barkers Full Single Exhaust System! A Barkers Full Single Exhaust System will take your YFZ 450R to the next level whether it be on the trails or at the track. With increased performance over the entire power-curve, feel your YFZ 450R gain that needed horsepower to take down the competition! A Barkers Full Single Exhaust System will eliminate that sudden fall-off that afflicts most stock systems near redline. Designed to bolt in easily, installing the Full Single Exhaust System is the easiest way to increase peak horsepower without performing major engine modifications. Along with additional horsepower and increased performance, your YFZ 450R will blast that deep, throaty Barkers sound you’ve been missing! 


Each and every exhaust system that Barkers produces is made from premium materials and hand-welded right here in the USA. When most other after-market exhaust systems can be mass produced from automated assembly lines, Barkers exhaust systems must be skillfully hand-welded one at a time. The end result is an exhaust system that provides a difference you can feel! The head pipe portion of the Full Single Exhaust System is made of 304 stainless steel that is Tig-welded with seam-reduced interior surfaces for smooth flow. The can is comprised of 6061 grade aircraft aluminum and comes standard in a brushed aluminum finish. For added character, you may choose to have your can powder coated in either a black or blue finish. Further customize your new system by selecting which color Barkers tag and billet clamps you would like. Tag color options include black, blue, red and yellow. Billet clamps will harness your new system to your machine and come in black, blue or red. 


Other options you might consider for the Full Single Exhaust System include a Barkers Quiet Core Insert and Barkers Spark Arrestor. A Barkers Quiet Core Insert will reduce sound by up to 5 dB and is perfect for riding in those sound sensitive areas. Besides, with only a loss of .5 to 1.5 horsepower you may decide to ride with them in all of the time. A Barkers Spark Arrestor will eliminate any flammable materials from escaping the exhaust and will help to keep our trails safe! 


For serious riding, we highly recommend purchasing a fuel controller for your new system. A fuel controller will drastically improve the way your new exhaust system and YFZ 450R performs. As your new system will require the added fuel flow, a fuel controller is essential for your Yamaha YFZ 450R to perform at it’s best. For optimal results, your dealer or a skilled technician should program the fuel controller prior to installation. If you are interested in learning more about why you should purchase a fuel controller, please feel free to call us! We promise you will talk to a real person who knows all about it!


At Barkers, we have an extreme amount of dedication and respect for the off-road lifestyle. And we understand that owning and maintaining a performance vehicle is no joke. That is why you can expect only the best in Barkers craftsmanship and design. All Barker’s exhaust systems carry a limited one-year warranty against defects in workmanship and/or materials. See Barkers Terms & Conditions.


Suggested add-ons: Quiet Core Insert; Spark Arrestor.