Yamaha Grizzly 700 Dual Exhaust EHS Big 3 Performance Package for 2014-2015 Models

Barker's Performance

$ 1,359.00 $ 1,409.00

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For even more hard-hitting performance for your 2014-2015 Grizzly 700, Barker's has put together an EHS Racing Big 3 Package. Now you can get even more power out of our Dual Exhaust, with a pre-mapped EHS Racing Fuel Controller, EHS Flow Through Intake Lid, and two pieces of DEI Extreme Heat Barrier all in one convenient package. 

2014-2015 Barker's Grizzly 700 Big 3 Package:


"For the 2014/15 Grizzly's we've created our Dual Exhaust setup after learning that the Singles just aren't going to hold up to the heat this motor produces. We've had a few of our own failures and still see many competitor's failures when it comes to a single can design on these machines. We now only offer the Duals since they are a proven design and spread the heat over two mufflers. Besides alleviating heat concerns, the dual exhaust truly produces more horsepower.
For the 2014/15's the intake box is still the same as the 07-13's and still realizes the gains by increasing the airflow coming into the motor. The EHS lid works to compliment our exhaust and fully achieve the performance gains. By upgrading the intake and the exhaust, you will be required to make some fuel changes in tuning. Luckily, the EHS Racing EFI controller has pre-set maps built right in that make this the perfect plug and play bolt on setup."


The EHS Racing Big 3 Package for our 1 into 2 Dual Exhaust will take your 2014-2015 Yamaha Grizzly 700 to the next level in performance with one convenient package. The most bolt on power for purchase in one convenient package is this Big 3 setup!