Polaris RZR 800 Full Dual Exhaust System

Barker's Exhaust

$ 969.00

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  • Increase top speed up to 4mph (see video below)
  • Significant weight reduction over stock
  • Enhanced over-rev and improvements throughout rev range
  • 103 dB without quiet core
  • Fits 2008 through current models (fuel controller mapping varies for different models)
  • Optional Add-Ons:  EHS Fuel Controller; Quiet Core Insert; Ceramic Coating; Complete Repack Kit 



The Polaris RZR 800 is the trail side-by-side for traveling long distances on rough terrain. The RZR 800’s ability to take on the conditions of the trail are impressive, proving it to be extremely agile. With class-leading lowest vehicle weight and high output engine, the Polaris RZR 800 has unbeatable power and acceleration on the trail. 

Take your Polaris RZR 800 to the next level with a Barkers Dual Exhaust System, and you will sense this machine come to life!  Increase your RZR 800’s ability to dominate any trail with more power and better acceleration. See, hear, and feel the difference with a Barkers Dual Exhaust System for your Polaris RZR 800 and achieve that deep, husky Barker's sound! Designed to bolt in easily, installing a Barkers Dual Exhaust is the quickest, most cost-effective improvement you can make to your UTV. 

HP Gain: Typically 10-25%     /     Weight: Significantly less than the stock system     /     Sound: Typically 103 dB without the silencer, and 94 dB with Quiet Core Insert

Like all of Barker's Systems, the Barker's Dual Exhaust System for the Polaris RZR 800 is crafted from only premium materials. Each and every Barkers System is hand welded in the USA. The exhaust pipe in our Barker's Dual Exhaust System is made of 304 Stainless Steel that is tig welded with seam-reduced interior surfaces for smooth flow. The cans are made from 6061-grade aircraft aluminum. You also have the option to create a unique look for your Polaris RZR 800 by selecting to have the tips of your Barker's cans powder-coated in either red, blue, or black (note this is just the tip, not the entire can).

Complete your Barker's Dual Exhaust System for your Polaris RZR 800 by choosing one of our tag color options. You can select black, blue, red or yellow for your Barker's Exhaust tag. To harness your new Barker's Dual Exhaust System to your Polaris RZR 800, brushed aluminum billet clamps are included with your purchase. We also recommend that you purchase our Quiet Core Insert. Using the Quiet Core Insert will decrease the sound level by up to 9 dB and is ideal for those sound sensitive areas. 

As your new system will require the added fuel flow, we also advise that you purchase the EHS Racing EFI Fuel Controller. The EHS Fuel Controller is specifically designed to enhance the performance and get the full potential from every Barker's Dual Exhaust System. This controller, when purchased from Barker's, comes pre-programmed for your machine and includes installation instructions making for a very easy install.

At Barkers, we have an extreme amount of dedication and respect for the off-road lifestyle. And we understand that owning and maintaining a performance vehicle is no joke. That is why you can expect only the best in Barker's craftsmanship and design. All Barker’s exhaust systems carry a limited one-year warranty against defects in workmanship and/or materials. See Barker's Terms & Conditions.


We recommend that you monitor and check the packing in your muffler after every ride. The length and time your packing will last will vary depending on how and where you ride. When you first notice any sign of the packing depleting within the can, it's time for a repack. Packing will wear out slowly over time, starting at 100% packed. It is normal for an absorption style high-performance muffler to lose packing but once you lose more than about 10-15% of your packing it will deplete faster and faster since it can now move around in the can. It is imperative you do not allow the packing to deplete too far. If your muffler becomes very loud or you hear rattling around inside the can you have completely depleted the internal packing and should not ride the machine until the muffler is repacked with a fresh pillow. Order new packing before you need it!

The Barker's Exhaust Complete Repack Kit is designed to make repacking your Barker's Exhaust Can simple. *NOTE: If you have a dual system you will need to purchase 2 repack kits.

Suggested add-ons:  EHS Fuel Controller; Quiet Core Insert; Spark Arrestor.