Suzuki RM-Z450 Full Single Exhaust System for 2011-2014 Models

Barker's Exhaust

$ 489.00 $ 569.00

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Horsepower Gains and Notes:

  • Stock Bike came in at 46.87 Max Horsepower
  • Adding the Pipe with no Tuning resulted in 50.04 Max Horsepower
  • Adding the Power Commander 5 with the Tuned Map results in 50.57 Max Horsepower
  • Adding the Pipe with Quiet Core installed and no Tuning resulted in 50.97 Max Horsepower
  • Adding the Pipe with Quiet Core Installed and PC5 Tuned Map resulted in 51.12 Max Horsepower

Comments from the Testing:

The Suzuki RM-Z450 bike was tested at LaBaron’s Powersports. The bike used was nearly brand new with only 14 hours on it. Our Initial Stock run was right on par with what it should be based on Suzuki’s numbers. You can read the full review here.

The first thing we tested was to see how much the Fuel / Air ratio would be affected by just adding the pipe without any tuning done to the bike. The results were outstanding in our opinion. On the 2014 RM-Z450 in our conditions there were no lean spots that made any concern at all of running the bike hot or too lean. This told us that customers could bolt on the pipe and not need to add an additional Fuel Controller.

We were also very pleased that we picked up almost 3.5 horsepower peak putting the bike over 50hp and also nearly 2.5 horsepower gain throughout the entire curve. We also saw a very nice improvement in throttle response and nice gains throughout the entire curve as you can see on the dyno chart.

Next we installed the Power Commander V Fuel Controller with Alex Galeczka’s tuning. Since the Suzuki was surprisingly well tuned there wasn’t a huge gain in peak but as usual Alex was able to smooth out that entire curve bringing the horsepower up all over slightly making the bikes power delivery unbelievably smooth.

Third round was to do it all over again with our Quiet Core installed. With the quiet core installed the first thing we noticed was this ridiculous response that it had liking the added back pressure delivered by the quiet core. We were shocked at how fast the bike jumps with the core installed. What we found was that we were able to achieve a higher peak number, but the power was shifted by adding the quiet core.

Without the core we saw a very nice overall gain in horsepower and torque throughout the entire map. With the Quiet Core the power changed to having a ridiculous response and low end jump and then dipping down slightly through the mid (not below stock but below without core) and then to our surprise really coming alive up in the higher rev’s. Right up in the meat of the power band we saw as much as 5 horsepower gain in the 9,500 to 10,500 range!

So if you’re a rider who is constantly hitting the rev limiter and winding it out all the time you may want to run with the quiet core since up there we found it to achieve the highest gains (with the mapped controller). If you are a rider who is more in the mid-range and likes to lug it out of the corners then go without the core. It all depends on your riding style and personal preference.