Yamaha Grizzly/Kodiak 700 Full Dual Exhaust System for 2016 & 2017 Models

Barker's Performance

$ 899.00

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2016/2017 Grizzly/Kodiak Dual Exhaust Specifications:

  • 7-10hp increase at the wheels
  • 25%+ Power Increase!
  • Must be ran with a fuel controller
  • Fits 2016 & 2017 Models
  • Secures to your machine with Billet Round Clamp
  • Dual cans result in longer packing life and slightly quieter system
  • Highest grade can packing available (Spec 19)
  • Customize your system by choosing your exhaust tag color
  • Optional add ons:  Quiet Core, Spark Arrestor, Barker's Shirt

2016 & 2017 Grizzly/Kodiak Dual Exhaust Engineer Comments:

With the 2016+ Yamaha Grizzly 700 full exhaust system, testing took a bit of time for us. Initially we found the machine was very lean from the factory, desperately needing fuel. Because of this, our initial thoughts were that a fuel controller and proper tuning would offer some very substantial gains when coupled with our exhaust system. We completed a few designs with our slip-on system and were quite pleased with the initial gains; the final outcome for that system was even better than our initial gains.

Our next goal was to do a full system, being the machine is now a single port motor it wasn’t even a thought to do duals on this new Grizzly. We threw quite a few combinations of a single head pipe at the machine and honestly were quite frustrated and disappointed. Although the Slip-On gave us great initial gains, what we found is that even with a nice full header we just couldn’t do much better than our Slip-On with a full header. Small bore header, large bore header, stepped header, it didn’t seem to matter too much we just weren’t beating the stock header coupled with our Slip-On.

After some time standing there staring at the machine in disappointment, it finally hit us! Looking over at the rack of our previous year models of Grizzly Duals and Raptor systems we had our "ah-ha" moment. “Wait a minute, we were shocked with the results of the new Single Port Raptor loving a Dual Exhaust why don’t we throw a 1 into 2 Dual on this new Grizz and see what happens?”. After mocking up the first trial set and getting it on the Dyno, to our surprise it came right to life!

With a good 3-5 horsepower jump over the previous single systems and our own slip-on we knew we had found what the machine needed and loved. Proper tuning coupled with our 1 into 2 Duals yielded a good 38 horsepower at the wheels. With the stock machine coming in around 29-30hp we were extremely excited looking at nearly a 25% increase in power. On a different machine with some slight Airbox modifications, Eric at EHS was able to reach just over 40hp! Looking at a 8-10hp gain we feel you’ll be extremely pleased with the seat of the pants dyno on this one! 

Barker 2016 Grizzly Dual Exhaust Dyno Run

We can’t thank Eric Sutton over at EHS Racing enough for all the testing and help that was done on this development. It has truly been a joint venture to develop this system. Eric probably has more experience on the Grizzly’s than anyone we know. Stay tuned, we feel there will be more to follow on the Grizzly front in the coming months and years!

Thanks also to our fans both near and far who are posting pictures and videos of their new Barker's Grizzly Dual Exhausts!