Yamaha Raptor 700 Dual System Fuel Customs / DynoJet Big 3 Package for 2015+ Models

Barker's Performance

$ 1,651.00

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The Barker's 2015+ Raptor 700 Dual System DynoJet PC6 & Fuel Customs Big 3 Package includes:

Exhaust Can Options:

When purchasing your Barker's Raptor 700 exhaust system you have the option of choosing between a round can or an oval can design. The round can features a brushed aluminum (silver) billet clamp or black clamp option. The oval can design features a black, blue, or red billet clamp option. 

The term "Big 3" has become an industry standard and basically stands for the 3 most common and best return mods you can bolt on. The Exhaust, Intake and Fuel Controller coupled together will yield the best dollar per horsepower your money can buy.

At Barker's we've decided to do the legwork for you and set up this package all ready to bolt onto your 2015-2024 Raptor 700. The Fuel Customs Intake Boot has long since proven itself as an industry leader when it comes to increased performance. The results we've found with this setup are absolutely amazing!

The Fuel Customs Intake Boot removes the entire stock Airbox and stock Intake Tube that connects to your throttle body. The tube design drastically improves the performance of the entire intake system.

So if you are looking for the most possible horsepower you can squeeze out of your Raptor 700 then look no further. This setup alone yielded as much as 17 horsepower increase at 8200 rpms and pretty much no less than 8 horsepower gain throughout the entire curve as you can see on the Dyno Chart. On top of that the Fuel Customs Intake Boot is proven on machines that run well into the 70 and 80 horsepower range.

If you are looking to continue to build your Raptor this setup will be the last exhaust, intake, and fuel controller you will need. During our testing we've seen bikes with stock bore and stroke run over 70 horsepower on pump gas. Obviously a few other mods were at play but stock bore and stroke on pump gas is quite impressive!

Sometimes you may want additional customization to your Barker's exhaust can. We do offer powder coating for the cans, but please note this is a separate product to add to the cart prior to checkout. 

Suggested add-ons: Quiet Core Insert; Barker's Shirt