Yamaha Raptor 700 Dual System EHS Racing Big 3 Package for 2015+ Models

Barker's Performance

$ 1,314.00

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The Barker's 2015-20121 Yamaha Raptor 700 EHS Big 3 Package includes:

The term "Big 3" has become an industry standard and basically stands for the 3 most common and best return mods you can bolt on. The Exhaust, Intake, and Fuel controller coupled together will yield the best dollar per horsepower your money can buy.

At Barker's we've decided to do the legwork for you and set up this package all ready to bolt onto your 2015 - 2021 Yamaha Raptor 700. EHS Racing and Barker's Exhaust have a long standing relationship since we both strive to make quality products that are designed to last and most importantly increase performance.

This package deal will save you money by cutting out the need to have your machine professionally Dyno Tuned as if you were piecing all the parts together on your own. We've worked with EHS Racing to have the EHS Fuel Controller completely setup for this package specifically.

The EHS Fuel Controller also has settings to be able to further mod your machine without having to hook it to a computer. The EHS controller can be manually adjusted yourself if required to suit further mods or conditions.

The results will no doubt impress the first time you hop on your 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020/2021 Raptor 700 after installing this EHS Racing / Barker's Exhaust Big 3 Package. Power gains are anywhere from 7 peak to a whopping 14 horsepower as shown in the Dyno run here.

Sometimes you may want additional customization to your Barker's exhaust can. We do offer powder coating for the cans, but please note this is a separate product to add to the cart prior to checkout.

Suggested add-ons: Quiet Core Insert; Barker's Shirt