Yamaha Raptor 700 Single Exhaust System for 2015-2017 Models

Barker's Performance

$ 589.00

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Barker's 2015-2017 Raptor 700 Single Exhaust System features:

  • 8 Horsepower Increase (see further details on horsepower gains below)
  • 9 ft-lbs Torque Increase at 5,000 rpms
  • 105dB at 3,000rpms 110dB at 4,000rpms
  • 93dB at 3,000rpms 98dB at 4,000rpms with Quiet Core
  • 304SS Hand Polished Pipe
  • 14" Muffler w/ Corrogated Steel Wool & Spec 19 Fill
  • Comes Standard with a Billet Machined Clamp
  • Aluminum Heat Shields
  • Optional Powder Coating (note this is a separate product to add to your cart)
  • Fits 2015, 2016, & 2017 models

Barker's Raptor 700 Single Exhaust System horsepower gains summary:

  • Stock machine came in at 43.40 Max Horsepower & 37.71 Max Torque
  • Barker's single exhaust alone with no tuning yielded only about .5 Hp peak but gained a good 3-4 down low from about 3,500 to 5,000 rpms. This setup runs a bit lean yet especially down low. 
  • Barker's single exhaust, no tuning, and lid removed increased to 3.0 Hp peak but does make a major difference throughout the curve adding 2-3 more everywhere but is leaner yet and we would not recommend to run like this. 
  • Barker's single exhaust with the proper fuel added, fully tuned, and no airbox lid shows a 3 Hp gain peak but from 4-6k rpms we are anywhere from a 6-8 Hp increase right where you want it. 


    The intent with our Raptor 700 Full Single exhaust was to build a pipe that a very-close-to-stock machine would love. We did not want you to have to really build the machine to take good advantage of the power Yamaha left on the table. We did find that some of the configurations we tested (bigger bore, step pipes, etc…) were able to achieve higher numbers way up in the over-rev but honestly the power just isn’t where you need it. So if you are looking for a rock solid Single Exhaust system that truly performs and puts the power right where you’d want it, this is that exhaust.

    Our single exhaust puts the power down low where you need it and really steps up the torque. Looking at the Dyno chart you can see that the torque gains start right away at about 3,800rpms with a 6 ft/lbs gain already and peaking with over 8 ft/lbs gain at 5,000rpms! On the Big Bore Raptor having the gains in the 3-6k rpm range is vital to having a good all around performing machine.

    2015 Barker's Raptor 700 Full Single Dyno chart

    So from a horsepower standpoint looking at the chart you can see we only show a 3 Hp gain at peak. But as you can see the peak number is the lowest gain throughout the curve. If you look at the placement of the marker we officially claim that we make 8 hp and 9 ft/lbs of torque right at 5000 Rpms! Although there are pipes out there that may slightly trump this single on peak numbers (our duals included) we feel there aren’t any pipes that will ride and perform as well as our single.

    As with all of our testing on the Raptor, removing the Air Box makes drastic changes in the Fuel/Air Ratio and how the machine performs. The dyno chart above consists of our 2015 Raptor fully tuned with a PC5 and running the EHS Racing AirBox Lid. If you do plan on removing your AirBox lid we absolutely recommend that you run some type of Fuel Controller as the machine goes dangerously lean without the AirBox lid. We also always recommend running a flow through lid like the EHS Racing Lid in lieu of just removing the lid as debris could fall into the box.

    Full Story

    For serious riding, we recommend checking out the “Big 3” system. The Barker’s “Big 3” system includes the Barker’s Full Single Exhaust System, an EHS Fuel Controller, and the EHS Intake Lid. The EHS fuel controller will improve the way your new exhaust system and Raptor 700 performs, and it comes pre-mapped for your convenience. This means that with proper installation, the EHS Fuel Controller will provide your new exhaust system with the proper amount of added fuel flow that it requires to perform at its best. Of course, you'll also be able to adjust settings yourself down the road should you complete additional modifications to your Raptor 700 machine. If you are interested in learning more about Fuel Controllers and the importance of using them check out our article:  Fuel Controllers 101

    Suggested add-ons: Quiet Core Insert; Spark Arrestor, EHS Intake Lid, EHS Fuel Controller, Barker's Shirt