Yamaha Grizzly 700 Dual Exhaust EHS Big 3 Performance Package for 2019+ Models

Barker's Performance

$ 1,514.00 $ 1,564.00

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For even greater hard-hitting performance for your 2019+ Grizzly 700, Barker's has put together an EHS Racing Big 3 Package. Now you can get even more power out of our 1 into 2 Dual Exhaust, with a pre-mapped EHS Racing Fuel Controller, Flow Through Airbox Lid, and the EHS Intake mod Kit with K&N Air Filter all in one convenient package. 



"When the 2019 changes came out for the Grizzly/Kodiak machines, we knew we were already well positioned to continue on the success we had seen with the 2014/2015 and 2016-2018 models. The 708cc motor on this Yamaha beast loves our 1 into 2 headpipe design that flows into our dual megaphone mid pipes. This dual exhaust is not just for show, it truly delivers horsepower that Grizzly/Kodiak owners love. Working with Eric at EHS Racing, we developed a complete package that not only helps with the leanness and heat issues on these machines, but also produces power. Eric's controller is a must, even if you don't upgrade the pipes. His flow through lid allows the machine to breathe, and gives additional filtration without compromising closure of the airbox. Coupled with the upgraded K&N filter and intake adapter, you've got everything you need to wake up your machine! This kit is the perfect bolt-on power producer for the 2019+ Grizzly and Kodiak machines."


The EHS Racing Big 3 Package for our 1 into 2 Dual Exhaust for 2019+ Grizzly 700 will totally transform the way you ride your machine. With horsepower gains in addition to even greater over-all power throughout, we know you will be pleased with the performance this EHS Big 3 package produces for your 2019+ Grizzly 700. Now you can achieve all this and more in one convenient package that we are offering at a discounted rate.