Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec Full 1 into 2 Dual Exhaust System

Barker's Performance

$ 759.00 $ 959.00

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  • 4-5 Horsepower gain (10%)
  • Only 1lb heavier compared to the stock single
  • 92-94 dB at 3,500 w/ Quiet Cores 96-99 dB without
  • 96-97 dB at 4,500 w/ Quiet Cores 100-102 dB without
  • Fits 2016 & 2017 Models
  • Available in brushed aluminum with black tags
  • Uses stock exhaust brackets to hang
  • Optional Add-Ons: Quiet Cores; Spark Arrestors; EHS Fuel Controller


Considering the success we've seen in our Grizzly systems, and knowing that the Wolverine runs the same 708cc motor, we figured it was a no-brainer to tackle the Wolverine. Development started when Daniel Neal was kind enough to bring us his nearly brand new 2016 Wolverine.

We got to work right away and had our first prototype done shortly after.  We ran the header up and around into the 2-into-1 collector and then into our dual can setup. Assuming she'd come right alive we were excited to make the first few Dyno pulls. We ran all of our baseline tests and numbers, installed the duals and by the 3rd pull the knot was forming in my guts! It was clear we weren't making power much more than a cored out single. We were beating bone stock but just coring out a tip can beat bone stock.

The dyno tuner looked at me and said, "Well honestly I think with tuning I can gain maybe another horse and we'll be a couple over the cored out single."  I said, "No, shut it down, we're done here. It's clear we didn't achieve what we came to do."  

We came back to the shop and went back to scratch, scrapping everything we thought we knew and had done to date. With our renewed efforts we were headed to the dyno with literally 8 different combinations of pipes. We had multiple diameters, step locations, and a few other things.

It was a long day of testing at the dyno with our various configurations but we were ecstatic with the results! We were able to go through each pipe combo and see what the machine really wanted. We gained and gained until we started going backwards. With a renewed fervor we went back to the best combo to verify the results and it laid the Dyno line right over top of the prior run with that setup so we knew we had it the best pipe combo for this motor.

Although the gain on the pipes were in the 4-5 horsepower range we feel that there is a lot left on the table, possible even as much of a gain as the exhaust. Similar to our Grizzly Systems you can't fully realize the gains without increasing the flow going into your motor.

We feel that we've now created a system that will allow people to take their Wolverine to the next level opening up a bunch of possibilities for more power gains.  Cams, Head Work, Intake, HC Pistons all should lend themselves nicely to these duals!  

Tuning: This machine needs a fuel controller regardless if your purchasing an exhaust or not. Our findings were that it does run lean like the Grizzly especially at the lower RPM's. Our exhaust does require even more fuel to be added so we definitely recommend the EHS Fuel Controller to be added to the machine.

We do also recommend to block off the AIS system if you're running on a closed course and are looking to keep the exhaust temps down. Please be aware of your local or state laws regarding emissions, removing the AIS System may affect your emissions so we only recommend it for closed course or private use.