Suzuki DR-Z 400 Full Single Exhaust System

Barker's Performance

$ 589.00

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Suzuki DR-Z 400 Exhaust Features:

  • 5 horsepower increase with airbox mod & jetting
  • Increased throttle response
  • 2nd gear wheelies will be a breeze
  • Fits all DRZ models (E, S, & SM) 2000+
    • **includes the 2019/2020 models with the new AIS/emissions upgrades, there are no fitment issues with our system
  • Full exhaust with tuned megaphone style headpipe
  • Tip options include turn down or standard billet tip (note that the standard billet tip may melt the stock turn signal)
  • Billet clamp comes in black only, we no longer offer a silver clamp
  • Optional Add Ons:  Spark Arrestor, Quiet Core, Additional Tips

Quote from Alex Galeczka, DynoJet Professional Tuner:

In terms of power delivery, overall performance, and quality of construction, Barker's Exhaust is the clear winner in the DRZ400 exhaust system shootout. Barker's has been consistent in their quest to deliver the best 4 stroke exhaust systems money can buy, and the new DRZ400 system is no exception. After testing the Barker's system against the likes of Yoshimura, MRD, FMF, Pro-Circuit, and others on our dynamometer, nothing comes within striking distance of the Barker's pipe, end of story.

Barker's Engineer Comments:

The Suzuki DR-Z 400 has been on our radar for a long time. After years of success with the LTZ, we've known that the Z400 motor really likes our reverse megaphone exhaust style. We were lucky enough to finally be given the opportunity to tackle this system with a customer's 2016 DR-Z, with a K&N filter being the only upgrade to the otherwise stock bike. 

After spending some time developing a prototype that suited the look and feel we were going for, we felt confident heading to the dyno. Testing was completed at LaBaron's Powersports by Alex Galeczka. 

Barker's Dyno Results Suzuki DR-Z 400

Alex got right to work, clocking 30hp on the bike after being fully warmed up and putting down some pulls. After establishing the baseline runs on the DR-Z, we were ready to install our pipe and see where we sat. With our pipe alone and no tuning, we yielded 2hp gain peak, however the Barker's DR-Z pipe pulled much farther into the rev's and was a solid 3hp gain up in the higher RPM's. 

We found that at idle and just off idle in the 0-20% throttle range our pipe was running extremely lean, though at wide open throttle we were a bit too rich. After a few jets and shimming the needle we saw even further gains. When we opened up the airbox by slotting the snorkel opening, the bike really came alive. After tuning and increasing the airflow we were able to achieve a solid 5hp gain. Even better, the gains were very broad and strong throughout the entire rpm range. 2nd gear wheelies became a breeze compared to stock!

The sound of the exhaust system with the turndown tip came out just right. It's a bit loud when on the throttle hard from behind but at cruising quiets right down and would not be considered obnoxious for the rider. 

Being new to the DR-Z crowd we've got some reputation to build and hope to earn that as more and more people run and test the Barker's Z400 exhaust system. We look forward to testing on bigger builds as our pipe is not just any stepped pipe into a muffler; with the reverse megaphone design larger builds should yield even further gains.