Yamaha Raptor 700 Dual Exhaust System for 2015+ Models

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Because Barker's Exhaust began with the Raptor, we knew that we needed to test the crap out of this new 2015 with the Single Exhaust port. With lots of pressure on us to produce a set of "Barker's Duals" we figured we'd give it a try. Not expecting much out of a 1 into 2 dual we figured it would be more for the looks and would surely not outperform a true tuned single. To our surprise after doing some initial quick tests on a few configurations of Duals we were extremely shocked and pleased at the same time.  We found that regardless of the single port the machine still truly loved a Dual system!

Months later and after hundreds of Dyno Pulls we are extremely pleased with the findings across multiple bikes and multiple tuners.

First we tested with completely stock setup and stock Airbox to see how the machines Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) was affected.  What we found is that the machine does lean out at idle and does have a few lean spots throughout the range. We do NOT recommend running our Dual system without some type of Fuel Controller. Your machine will need added fuel to run properly.

Next we did our rounds of testing with the Airbox Lid removed. What we found is that the machine comes to life increasing the Airflow to it. By removing the Air Box Lid it drastically changes the way the engine breathes and requires much more fuel to maintain the proper AFR. After making the proper fuel adjustments, we found another 2-3 horsepower by removing the lid.

Note:  Do NOT remove your intake lid without properly tuning your machine. Removing your Intake Lid changes AFR more than an Exhaust and can potentially harm your machine if not properly tuned.  Barker's has Maps and Controllers specifically programmed to run without a lid or better yet a Flow Through type lid like the EHS Racing Intake Lid.

Your expected results will be the feeling of an unbelievable amount of torque that will lug out of corners and have a very noticeable increase in overall power that will pull much harder through all the gears. Our dual system shows anywhere between 3-8 horsepower gained peak depending on the intake setup. The interesting part is that the "Peak" numbers are for the most part the lowest gain throughout the curve. We found that in the lower end we gained as much at 10 ft/lbs of Torque and in higher RPM's we gained over 10 horsepower after coupling our Duals with the FCI intake.

Make no doubt about it, there will be no question that your seat of the pants Dyno will feel major gains and you'll be leaving your buddies in the dust!

Take a look here at some of our Dyno Runs. We've posted a few different configurations here starting with Duals Tuned all the way up to Duals Tuned with the PC5 and the FCI intake.

 Video courtesy of Barker's customer sicduc:



The 2015-2022 Yamaha Raptor 700 is no joke. Seriously, the Raptor 700 is a beast when it comes to quick-revving, hard-hitting performance under a wide range of riding conditions. It's fuel injected, 4-valve, single overhead cam, 686cc, single cylinder engine packs a mean, mean punch against the competition. Whether it be for domination on the dunes, trails, or track, it's certain that the 2015-2022 Yamaha Raptor 700 plays to win. 

A Barker's Full Dual Exhaust System will help you achieve significantly more horsepower and torque. With a typical gain of 6 or more horsepower over the stock system, the Barkers Full Dual Exhaust System will unleash your Yamaha Raptor 700 and tear up any dune, trail or strip in your path. Installing a Barker's Full Dual exhaust system on this machine will give your Raptor a sound that we feel you'll love. Because Barker’s uses its special 1 head pipe into 2 can design for this exhaust system, the sound is being dispersed through two cans. This design still delivers that authentic Barker’s deep, husky sound that maintains a good volume level versus the overwhelming tone that a single exhaust system can sometimes make. 

All of Barker's exhaust systems are made from premium materials that are hand-crafted right here in the USA. The exhaust pipes are comprised of 304 stainless steel that is Tig-welded with seam-reduced interior surfaces. The cans are made of all billet 6061-grade aircraft aluminum and come standard in a brushed aluminum finish. Customize your new system by selecting which style can design you'd like: round or oval. Choose a color Barker's exhaust tag to further enhance the look fo your new system. You can choose from either black, blue, yellow or red. 


Other options are the Barker's Quiet Core Inserts and the Barker's Spark Arrestors. The Quiet Core Insert will reduce sound by up to 5 dB, and is ideal for riding anywhere other than closed-courses. To help protect our trails, one may also consider our Barker's Spark Arrestor. The Barker's Spark Arrestor will prevent any flammable emissions from escaping the exhaust.

For optimal performance, we highly recommend checking out one of our “Big 3” systems for the Raptor 700. The Barker’s “Big 3” systems include a Barker’s Full Dual Exhaust System, Fuel Controller, and Air Intake system. A fuel controller, like the EHS Racing Fuel Controller, will improve the way your new exhaust system and Raptor 700 performs and comes pre-mapped for your convenience. This means that with proper installation, the EHS Fuel Controller will provide your new exhaust system with the proper amount of added fuel flow that it requires to perform at its best and has settings to be able to adjust yourself down the road. The other Barker’s “Big 3” option includes the Dyno Jet Power Commander 5 and the Fuel Customs Intake. This setup will also come with the Power Commander 5 pre-mapped to suit our Dual System and the FCI Intake. The Power Commander 5 is a fully programmable option that can be tuned to a very high resolution at each individual RPM and Throttle Position Range.  Typically very skilled Dyno Tuning professionals are required to make adjustments to your PC5 fuel controller. If you are interested in learning more about Fuel Controllers and the importance of them check out our article:  Fuel Controllers 101

Learn more or order the EHS Racing Big 3 Package or the Dyno Jet / Fuel Customs Big 3 Package.

And for more information on 2015+ Raptor mods, read this article from Dirt Wheels Magazine

Suggested add-ons: Quiet Core Insert; Spark Arrestor, EHS Intake Lid, Power Commander 5, EHS Fuel Controller, Fuel Customs Intake, Barker's Shirt