EHS Racing Intake Mod Kit for 2016+ Grizzly/Kodiak 700

EHS Racing

$ 145.00

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Installing the EHS Intake Mod Kit, developed by Eric at EHS Racing, is the key to improving air flow on the 2016+ Grizzly 700 and Kodiak 700. When coupled with our Dual Exhaust and the EHS Racing Lid and Fuel Controller, you can gain an additional 2-3 horsepower, for an overall increase of 8-10 horsepower over the stock setup. 


  • 1 - EHS Racing Intake Adapter
  • 1 - K&N High Flow Filter OR UNI Filter (select your choice and year model from the dropdown)
  • K&N option requires modification to your airbox*
  • With proper setup and modification to your machine, achieve 10+ horsepower coupled with the Fuel Controller and our Dual Exhaust (Get them all when you purchase our Yamaha Grizzly 700 Dual Exhaust EHS Racing Big 3 Performance Package for 2016+ Models)
  • Increases air flow significantly, adding punch to your throttle body
  • Increases overall performance
  • Please review the video from EHS Racing below before purchasing


The EHS Intake Mod Kit was developed by Eric at EHS Racing to help solve the air flow issues stemming from the stock intake tube on the 2016+ Grizzly and Kodiak 700. Eric offers the K&N filter (pink in photos) or the UNI filter (red in photos). 

In the past, the Grizzly's air box was the limiting factor and the EHS Lid solved this issue showing huge gains. On the 2016's it was found that opening up the lid alone did not result in the gains that were found on the past Grizzly's.

After quite a bit of testing, Eric found that the issue is the way the air flows through the stock intake tube and filter and into the airbox. This adapter solves those issues and makes it a much smoother path for the air to effectively flow into your throttle body.

The EHS Racing Intake Adapter is crafted from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and after some modifications to your stock airbox (for the K&N option) allows you to also install a much better filter.

Please note this does take a little bit of work and we want you to be aware you'll be permanently modifying your air box to install the EHS Intake Adapter and K&N Filter or UNI Filter. The video below from EHS does a great job to explain in detail the modifications needed and the results you should expect.