EHS Flow Through Intake Lid for 2016+ Grizzly/Kodiak 700

EHS Racing

$ 160.00

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  • Fits Grizzly & Kodiak 700, 2016+ models
  • Broader torque range
  • Increased throttle response
  • Increased airflow with better filtration
  • No modifications required to install just snap in place
  • Adds pre-filter to stock snorkel
  • Greatly improves life of filter
  • Recommended to buy the EHS Intake Adapter Kit first


The 2016+ Grizzly & Kodiak 700's are a bit different than the previous Grizzly's. On the prior models, adding just the AirBox lid made huge gains. On these newer ones, it was found that just this lid will not achieve drastic results alone. The intake tube going into the throttle body needs some modifications to achieve what you need to find the gains.

We highly recommend purchasing the EHS Intake Mod Kit alongside the EHS Lid or before you purchase this lid. If you buy them together you'll see the 2-3hp gains. Coupled with the EHS Racing EFI Fuel Controller and our Dual Exhaust 10+ horsepower can be achieved. You can get all of these products in our convenient Grizzly/Kodiak 700 Dual Exhaust EHS Big 3 Performance Package for 2016+ Models at a discounted price.


This EHS Racing Lid removes the stock box restrictions but does it while increasing the filtration to your machine making this a much smarter and safer option than just throwing your stock lid aside or drilling some holes in your box.

EHS uses the original manufacturers AirBox Lid so fitment is a non-issue. They then take and install a pre-filter into the Inlet Tube and also open the top up to install Outerwear's high flow water resistant filter material. The end result is performance as if you were not running an AirBox Lid all the while improving your overall filtration and prolonging your filter life.