DEI Under Tank Insulation Kit

Design Engineering Inc.

$ 44.95

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DEI Under Tank Insulation is specifically designed to reduce heat generated from the motor/pipe in the gas tank. The kit includes a 24”x24” sheet of material along with a 1 ½” X 15ft. roll of tape to help cover seems and irregular shapes.


  • Reflects radiant heat
  • Reduces fuel temperature
  • Lower stress on your fuel pump
  • Withstands temperatures up to 400°F


As your motor runs and heat is generated it rises and slowly heats your gas.  Warmer gas does not perform as well and can deteriorate, reducing engine performance. This heat can also put stress on the fuel pump and can lead to vapor lock. Race fuel manufacturers recommend using reflective materials to help keep fuel temperature stable. DEI's solution to this problem is the DEI Under Tank Insulation. 

Installing the self-adhesive Reflect-A-Cool Under Tank Insulation to the underside of your fuel tank can reduce fuel temps up to 30%. The easy to install material is made up of aluminized reflective foil that's backed with a base layer of glass fiber and can be easily trimmed to shape with scissors. It is rated to withstand continuous temperatures up to 400°F. This kit can be used with all tanks including fiberglass, metal, and plastic.