Can Am Maverick X3 Turbo Full Single Exhaust System

Barker's Performance

$ 999.00

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  • 17lb weight reduction over stock
  • Zero modifications to stock plastics
  • Significant heat reduction
  • Very clean, no maintenance system
  • Maintain all stock heat shielding
  • Optional ECU flashing available
  • Fits 2017+ Models

The Can Am X3 was one of those challenging machines that pushed us to really think outside the box compared to a typical aftermarket off road exhaust system. Throughout the research and development phase we destroyed 3 different muffler/pipe designs during testing on this machine. After much trial and error, identifying the weaknesses our competitors systems were experiencing, and nearly a year of real world riding, we realized that building an extremely clean and durable system was exactly what the X3 needed. 

Traditional aluminum packed mufflers simply cannot stand up to the heat on these turbo machines with a CVT belt. After learning that this muffler style was completely out of the cards on the Maverick X3, we went a completely different direction and opted for a fully stainless steel automotive style resonator exhaust. 

The Barker's Can Am Maverick X3 system locates the resonator muffler right where the catalytic convertor was in the stock system. This allows you to remove the HUGE stock muffler and reduces the exhaust system weight by 17 pounds, lightening up the rear end of the machine substantially. Our design also leaves the perches so that all the stock heat shielding will bolt right back onto the pipe along with the machines oxygen sensor. From the rear, this system looks completely stock and exhausts right out of the stock exhaust port utilizing the stock spark arrestor.

With the machine being a turbo and controlled by the ECU, most gains are made in the tuning and programming of the ECU. By removing the catalytic converter and allowing the turbo to breathe more freely, the Barker's pipe opens up your ability to increase horsepower through the tuning of your machine. We've been testing the Alba Racing flash and are impressed by what their team has developed. We highly recommend having your X3 ECU tuned or re-flashed with a professional flash like Alba is offering. If you are looking to do this with the Barker's pipe, we have a package available for you to send us your ECU for tuning and get the pipe at a discount.

If you're looking for a very clean, lightweight, but extremely durable pipe for your Can Am Maverick X3, you've come to the right place. The Barker's X3 system delivers an amazing sound while reducing the cumbersome weight and heat of the stock exhaust.