Barker's Replacement Heat Shields

Barker's Performance

$ 15.00

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Occasionally you may need to replace the heat shield on your Barker's Performance exhaust. Due to the vast variation across the many different exhaust systems we produce, the best way to order the correct heat shield for your needs is to measure the bolt holes, center to center. Some exhausts even use a different size heat shield in two different locations of the same pipe. 

Our most common heat shield sizes are also available or black, in addition to the polished silver finish. Heat shields also include the necessary hardware for installation. 

When reinstalling your heat shield, we recommend using Red Permanent Loctite to secure the shield to your pipe.  Also after the first few heat cycles of the exhaust be sure to check the fasteners to ensure they didn't loosen up from the initial install. 

Heat shield sizes include:

  • 2.25" center to center
  • 3" center to center
  • 4" center to center
  • 6" center to center