Barker's Exhaust Can Inner Core Baffle

Barker's Performance

$ 15.00

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The Inner Core Baffle is the perforated, cylindrical, metal tube inside the exhaust can. Working from the outside in, there's the exhaust can, then the pillow, then the inner core baffle. Note that this is not the quiet core, but a different part entirely.

There are four different versions of the inner core baffle. The standard baffle is used in 95% of our applications and is used in our 12" exhaust can. For our Grizzly Slip on exhausts we have transitioned to a 14" can, so you should measure your can before ordering to ensure you get the right size baffle. The RZR 900S uses a completely different baffle, and we offer a different baffle for our snowmobile customers. Please select the baffle you require from the dropdown menu.