Yamaha Grizzly 700 Dual Exhaust EHS Big 3 Performance Package for 2016-2018 Models

Barker's Performance

$ 1,514.00 $ 1,564.00

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For even greater hard-hitting performance for your 2016+ Grizzly 700, Barker's has put together an EHS Racing Big 3 Package. Now you can get even more power out of our 1 into 2 Dual Exhaust, with a pre-mapped EHS Racing Fuel Controller, Flow Through Airbox Lid, and the EHS Intake mod Kit with K&N Air Filter all in one convenient package. 



"After much testing of the 14/15's and then onto the 2016+ models we've found the sweet spot for the 2016 Grizzly 700's 708cc motor. We know for a fact that this machine loves the 1 into 2 design Headpipe that goes into our Dual Megaphone mid pipes. The dual exhaust is definitely not for show only, they truly produce horsepower!You won't achieve horsepower gains like this in a Single Exhaust. The 2016 Grizzly has a new and updated Intake Box. Eric at EHS has found that opening up the lid or adding a flow thru intake lid alone just will not achieve the results like the past Grizzly Models did.  So after quite a bit of testing EHS has come up with an Intake Mod that does achieve the gains we were looking for. This Intake Mod allows for a major upgrade to a K&N filter allowing much greater Airflow and Velocity into the Throttle body. For the 2016+ Grizzly this is a great package with huge gains, the first Grizzly build on this went from 29hp to 38hp. The second build at EHS with this entire setup went to just over 40hp!! You'll go from having to pull the bars and lean back to do a wheelie to being able to punch it and having it stand it right up."



The EHS Racing Big 3 Package for our 1 into 2 Dual Exhaust for 2016+ Grizzly 700 will totally transform the way you ride your machine. With a 7-10 horsepower gain in addition to even greater over-all power throughout, we know you will be pleased with the performance this EHS Big 3 package produces for your 2016+ Grizzly 700. Now you can achieve all this and more in one convenient package that we are offering at a discounted rate.   

Proper tuning coupled with our 1 into 2 Duals yielded a good 38 horsepower at the wheels when we first developed this system. With the stock machine coming in around 29-30hp we were extremely excited looking at nearly a 25% increase in power. It was then that we discovered on a different machine with some slight Airbox modifications, Eric at EHS was able to reach just over 40hp! That's when we knew we had to offer a big 3 package for this machine. Looking at an 8-10hp gain we feel you’ll be extremely pleased with this EHS Big 3 Performance Package for the 2016+ Grizzly 700.

Barker's 2017 Grizzly Duals Tuned vs. Stock