Yamaha Grizzly/Kodiak 700 Slip-On Exhaust System for 2016 & 2017 Models

Barker's Performance

$ 395.00

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Grizzly / Kodiak Slip-On Features:

  • 4-6 (10-15%) Horsepower increase
  • 7.5lb Weight reduction over stock system
  • Easily installs with no modifications to your machine
  • Fits all 2016 & 2017 Grizzly & Kodiak machines
  • See details of the benefits for either the Kodiak or Grizzly below

Why is a Barker's Slip On different from other slip on exhaust systems?

Barker's Slip-On exhausts are not your typical “Straight Pipe into a Can” that solely makes your machine louder. Others produce slip-on exhausts that don't actually increase horsepower or improve the machine's functionality, they only increase the sound thus providing a false sense of increased speed. Our Slip-On exhausts fully utilize our Reverse Megaphone design with our pulse wave technology, which are meticulously tested and tuned to achieve the most performance. We refuse to sacrifice and offer something that doesn’t make power, and you can expect our slip on to deliver more than our signature Barker's sound!

Comments from Barker's Engineers:


What we found with the new 700 Kodiak is that, like its big brother the Grizzly, the machine runs very lean from the factory which many owners are now finding. We were quite happy to see the gains that we were able to achieve with the Slip-On for this machine. By removing the stock core and tip we did find that there is a horse or maybe two gained but the Fuel/Air went dangerously leaner yet. After adding our Slip-On system the Kodiak performed much better than simply removing the core, adding another 2-3 horse on top of that. Although it did richen up a bit in a few areas with our Slip-On, we still do not recommend running our system without a fuel controller. For that matter, we really don’t recommend running this machine stock without a fuel controller!

By adding EHS’s Fuel Controller and working jointly with them on the tuning of the Grizzly and Kodiaks we were able to produce a Slip-On / Fuel Controller Combo that achieved a Solid 10-15% increase in horsepower. The Kodiaks clutching is much heavier and we found that the stock machine would engage, then slightly lose RPM’s on the Dyno before catching back up. We are extremely pleased that our fuel controller and slip-on combination gave the machine the power needed to pull through without bogging and continually gain RPM’s!


Now on the big brother Grizzly the results are about the same to what is found on the Kodiak since it is the same motor. These machines are very lean from the factory, desperately needing more fuel. Our Slip-On will increase performance and does richen up slightly in a few areas but again we want to stress that the machine is still very lean and we highly recommend the Fuel Controller to go with our Slip-On.