DEI Reflect -A- Cool Sheet

Design Engineering Inc.

$ 12.95

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  • 12" X 12" sheet
  • .012" thick
  • Color: Silver
  • Protects up to 2000°F radiant heat
  • Can be applied to wires, hoses, pipes, and tubing from radiant heat sources
  • Self-adhesive backing with release liner
  • Easy installation
  • Moisture and solvent resistant
  • Most effective when used with at least a 1" air gap


DEI Reflect-A-Cool is made of a fiberglass material backed with a layer of aluminized foil to handle a direct and continuous temperature of 400°F.  It can be used to cover air boxes, fuel tanks, and engine compartments. DEI Reflect-A-Cool can be trimmed to fit almost any shape. First measure and trim, then stick the reflective side towards the heat source and remove the self-adhesive backing.