Optional Powder Coating on Exhaust Cans

Barker's Exhaust

$ 50.00

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Looking to customize your Barker's exhaust system even further? We offer powder coating options available on the exhaust cans. Powder coating your can can really set off the look of your machine.

Although many of the exhaust companies including us offer powder coating, we want to be clear that it is not indestructible! It is a very tough coating that can take some abuse but powder coating is not designed for extremely high heat applications.

On a properly tuned machine that is well maintained the powder will hold up very well, can last for years and looks really sharp! If, however, you do not properly tune your machine and end up running really lean this can result in your machine running hot and the coating losing it's color or luster or possibly even coming off.

When choosing a powder coated can it is imperative that you properly tune your machine to the correct Fuel / Air Ratio or you will end up damaging the powder coating.  Barker's Performance has a limited warranty on painted cans.

Please note blue and red powder coating have been discontinued.