Buell 1125R / 1125CR Performance Exhaust Complete Package

Barker's Exhaust

$ 745.25

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We've done the work for you with this Buell 1125R / 1125CR Performance Exhaust Complete Package. This performance package includes our Slip-On Exhaust and a pre-tuned Intelligent Design Solutions ECM Fuel Controller. 


  • 1 - Slip-On Exhaust for Buell 1125R or 1125CR
  • 1 - IDS ECM Fuel Controller (pre-tuned)
  • Up to 15.8 Horsepower increase
  • 12.44 ft-lbs. Torque increase
  • Enhanced over-rev and improvements throughout the rev range
  • 14 pounds less than the stock system 
  • Unique megaphone/reverse cone pulse wave tuning to broaden the HP and torque curves
  • Fits all Buell 1125R & 1125CR bikes
  • The Barker's slip on pipe will change in color as you put more hours on your new system, and will better match the stock header on your machine over time
  • Do not touch the sandblasted slip on portion of the pipe as the oils on your hands will tarnish it and it cannot be fixed unless it's sandblasted again
  • Pairs perfectly with the pre-tuned Intelligent Design Solutions ECM
  • Extends the life of your exhaust packing
  • See below for independent data and testing results compiled by American Sport Bike


The Barker's Slip-On Exhaust and Intelligent Design Solution's ECM Fuel Controller for the Buell 1125R/CR are incredibly popular, so it was a no-brainer to offer these two products together for your convenience. Our Performance Exhaust Complete Package is easy to assemble and install, just take care to not touch the pipe when removing it from the box or during installation. We highly recommend wearing clean white cotton gloves as the oils from your hands will tarnish the sandblast. This can only be fixed by sandblasting the head pipe again. The sandblast on the head pipe will change in color as you put more hours on your new system, and over time will better match the stock header on your machine. 


Our Performance Exhaust Complete Package is a perfect fit for your Buell 1125R/CR! Our Slip-On system has consistently gotten rave reviews from fans for the amazing sound and the very noticeable 14-pound weight reduction compared to stock. One reviewer especially commented on how this system "felt like riding a tiger...it just growls." Our Buell 1125R/CR exhaust system was also part of a fully independent shootout that produced some pretty impressive Dyno results.  

A popular question from Buell 1125R riders shopping for an exhaust system is the noise level. While those in forums have stated the Barker's system on their Buell is pretty loud, the audio data really speaks for itself. The stock system features a range of 88-99 dBA from idle to 5000RPM. The Barker's exhaust system is 98.2-107.9 dBA for the same range. Almost all of the competing exhaust systems on the market measured a higher decibel reading than the Barker's system, though our system does add a bigger sound over the stock. Of course, we offer a quiet core to reduce the noise level should you desire one. 

You can choose to install our 1-1/2" Quiet Core or our 1" Quiet Core for the Buell 1125R/CR exhaust. The 1-1/2" Quiet Core is good for all around use, and the 1" Quiet Core is better suited if you need to quiet down the system. As the 1" Quiet Core quiets the exhaust down more effectively, it does result in a slight loss in power.

What about torque? The Barker's exhaust system also improved peak torque when measured by an independent testing facility. With the stock system holding at 70.24 lb-ft, our system peaked at 82.68 on the race map.

The Buell 1125R/CR slip on exhaust is constructed of 304 stainless steel that is tig welded with seam-reduced interior surfaces for smooth flow. The reverse-cone megaphone with pulse-wave tuning technology offers superior peak horsepower, enhanced over-rev, and improvements throughout the rev range. Consider adding the quiet core to reduce the sound level, but note that the use of the quiet core will reduce some of the horsepower gain, typically 1.5 HP. This system also features an option for black powder coating on the pipe. The powder coating option should be added to the cart if you would like your pipes coated. 

Are you a data junkie? This system offers a multitude of independent data compiled by AmericanSportBike.com including sound bites, Dyno runs, and an extensive writeup about all of the exhaust systems they tested. The writeup offers extensive information about many different systems available for your Buell 1125R and you can easily compare ours to others on the market. 



Below is a YouTube video from a customer with a great install tip:

This video was also submitted by a customer to demonstrate the sound of the stock system versus the Barker's: