AutoTune for Power Commander V

Barker's Exhaust

$ 279.95

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For some riders, you may require an Auto Tune kit to monitor and adjust your fuel mixture for varying riding conditions or other machine upgrades. For a worry free experience no matter where you take your machine to ride, the Auto Tune kit can monitor your fuel/air ratio and provide information for updating your Power Commander V fuel controller. The Auto Tune is not intended to be be used all of the time, it is only intended to be used to measure and evaluate your current fuel/air ratios and establish needed changes to those settings.

Barker's Performance offers the single channel Auto Tune kit, designed for single header exhaust systems. Note that in order to use the Auto Tune, you will need to have an 02 Bung installed on your system. 

To protect the life of your machine and your exhaust system, we recommend using the Auto Tune in conjunction with the Power Commander V for those who do not have a dyno tuning center nearby and are continually making upgrades to their stock system.